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Acoustic rafts are innovative horizontal-shaped panels designed to absorb loud noises and reduce reverberation within your indoor space. If you have non-suspended ceilings in your room, then you can have acoustic rafts installed quickly and securely. Just hire a professional acoustic raft supplier and installer to perform the job flawlessly.

Husht Acoustics is a reliable and licensed acoustic rafts installer in London. We have the finest selection of acoustic rafts with the most innovative sound reduction technology built into them. They come from some of the top manufacturers in the industry, including Ecophon and Muffle. Therefore, you can expect durable, attractive, and long-lasting acoustic rafts.

Our technicians will ensure your new acoustic rafts fit your available non-suspended ceiling space. That way, the rafts can maximise their ability to reduce loud sounds and reverberation in your rooms. In addition, you won’t have to take any measurements or perform any installation work because our technicians will take care of everything for you. All you have to do is let us know your acoustic raft design preferences and the amount of sound you’d like them to reduce. Then, we’ll handle the rest.

Acoustic rafts are perfect for reducing sounds in office buildings, houses, apartments, libraries, retail stores, and all other public and private indoor spaces. You can choose any design you’d like for the acoustic rafts, and they’ll still perform the same high-quality job of reducing noises and reverberation in your indoor environments.

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Acoustic rafts are sophisticated sound absorption panels installed on ceilings to reduce loud sounds and reverberation from activities within the internal environment. They are horizontal panels compatible with non-suspended ceilings only. When sound waves hit the acoustic rafts from the activities on the ground, the rafts reflect the sound waves away from the ceiling. That way, they don’t leave the room or building.

Husht Acoustics is a professional acoustic rafts installation service provider in London. We use acoustic raft technology from leading manufacturers like Muffle and Ecophon. You can choose whichever designs, colours, sizes, and shapes you want for your acoustic rafts, and we’ll be happy to supply them. The important thing is to choose acoustic rafts which fit and perform well with your ceiling space.

The most common places to use acoustic rafts are commercial environments where suspended ceilings don’t exist, such as public spaces and office buildings. You can count on our acoustic rafts to significantly reduce excessive noises from the commotion and activities within your environment. No matter which raft designs you choose, they will provide the noise reduction results you want.

Of course, you probably care about aesthetics as much as you do about noise reduction. Our wide selection of acoustic raft products can provide beauty and peace to your building. All acoustic rafts are custom fitted onto ceilings to ensure they absorb sound waves fully while offering the aesthetics you want for the environment.

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