Dunham Massey is a National Trust property located in Cheshire, and centres around a stunning Georgian hall in the grounds of a deer park. It attracts many thousands of visitors each year to the gardens, grounds, cafe and the house itself.

The Problem

Dunham Massey’s busy cafe suffered from excessive reverberation, particularly from the high ceilings. This was especially problematic during busier periods, which meant that both customers and employees had difficulties in being able to hear one another, and the atmosphere was not as relaxing and enjoyable as it should have been.

The issue also extended to the atrium and reception area to a lesser extent, which was the first point of contact for visitors when arriving at the property to purchase their tickets.

The Solution

For this project, we used SoundHush suspended rafts, which are an effective product available in a number of shapes, sizes and colours.

We installed acoustic panels in the roof recesses between the wood beams in order to combat reverberation. These large panels do an excellent job of absorbing sound, and are also complementary of the existing aesthetics. We matched the panel colour to the existing painted roof to ensure that our acoustic treatment was visually attractive, but didn’t impose on the design scheme already in place.

In addition to using the large rectangular rafts, we also installed smaller circular rafts that complimented the drop lighting over the reception desk. Behind the desk, we also placed fixed panels on the walls to further reduce reverberation at the point of sale. Circular rafts were also used within the lampshades themselves.

Minimising the install time was a big priority for the client, who wanted to ensure that cafe opening times were disrupted as little as possible. To cater to their needs, we effectively planned the project to be completed within a timely window.

The Results

We’re delighted to have seen dramatic improvements in the acoustics within the cafe, particularly at busier times when dozens of visitors are enjoying the space. The panels absorb the sounds of clinking cutlery, people chatting , allowing for a much more relaxed atmosphere.

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