About Us - Acoustic Treatment & Noise Control

At Husht Acoustics we create high quality, aesthetically designed and innovative acoustic noise control and treatment solutions to help overcome a range of noise related challenges.

Whether it’s a loud restaurant, reverberant office or a noisy factory, we are passionate about sound and how to transform a space into one that can enhance health, wellbeing and productivity through the creation of a positive acoustic environment to work, rest or play.

From concept to calculation and then through to completion we discuss, design and deliver optimal acoustic treatment in partnership with some of Europe’s leading acoustic panel manufacturers such as Saint-Gobain Ecophon and Stil Acoustics.

Please visit our acoustics guide page for more information about our noise control services, wall and ceiling panels.



Our aim is to truly understand the noise related issue along with your desired outcome and aesthetic requirements by offering a free of charge acoustic assessment of the space in question. This will enable us to offer a relevant and tailored acoustic treatment solutions to ensure we overcome your acoustic challenge together.


We like to provide a design that will ensure both your acoustic and aesthetic criteria are met in line with an acoustic calculation and product inspiration guide.


Our skilled acoustic installers will supply and install your project using a variety of high quality acoustic products chosen from a number of leading manufacturers, these can be picked based on your design objectives and performance needs.

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