About the Brand

Lesco offers a huge range of acoustic panel solutions, all of which can be installed by Husht. Designed for use in offices, lecture halls, atriums and more, the Lesco range features a number of innovative products that can be used in numerous applications, owing to the large range of designs, colours and mounting variations on offer. Most Lesco acoustic solutions use ‘Snowsound’ technology developed by Caimi Brevetti – world leaders in the design and manufacture of ingenious office products. This technology has been developed in conjunction with a leading Italian University, and uses a single material, Polyester, which in addition to its excellent sound absorption qualities is 100% recyclable. This innovative technological breakthrough is housed in a clean and simple panel that was designed by the world-renowned product designer Michele De Lucchi. The result is a hugely flexible range of wall panels, suspended panels, desktop mounted solutions and more, all designed to absorb resonance and echo for a more productive environment.