Restaurant Acoustics

One of the number one complaints for customers visiting a restaurant is that the environment is too noisy. Dozens of people chatting, the clinking of plates and cutlery, along with noise from the kitchen can all contribute to an uncomfortable atmosphere.

Fortunately, restaurants don’t have to be this way. Here at Husht we’re able to conduct acoustic treatment in any restaurant space to ensure that customers are able to enjoy their food in comfort, that they can hear one another speak, and that employees can effectively work in a non-noisy environment.

We can achieve this through the installation of a variety of acoustic options, ranging from direct-fit panels into the ceiling, to baffles, custom solutions and more. Browse through our previous projects to see how we’ve helped other restaurants and cafes with their acoustic requirements.

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Direct Fix Panels

Direct fix acoustic panels are an ideal choice for restaurants and cafes that require a quick and nonintrusive install.

Suspended Acoustic Rafts

Suspended acoustic rafts are an attractive option in spaces where aesthetics are a priority.

Custom Solutions

Here at Husht we’re able to design and install custom acoustic solutions either as part of a new interior fit-out, or to fit with existing décor.

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