Industrial Acoustics & Noise Control

Husht Acoustics are experts in industrial acoustic and noise control solutions. Whether it’s a noisy factory floor or manufacturing plant, we can help discuss, design and deliver a package that will meet both your design and performance needs.

Poor acoustics and noisy industrial premises can have a wide range of health and safety problems, in addition to the productivity of your employees. Our experienced industrial acoustic team can offer an assessment of the floor or room in question, and then recommend and install products from the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial acoustic and soundproofing solutions such as IAC.


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Our Solutions

Acoustic Enclosures

In industrial environments, noise and associated reverberation from machinery can cause a health risk to employees, and frequently exceeds safe levels. Acoustic enclosures are designed to reduce noise pollution from machinery and production facilities while allowing normal operations to continue.

Acoustic Louvres

Acoustic louvres can reduce noise pollution in a number of industrial applications, from plant rooms to machinery areas and more. They ensure that noisy industrial processes don’t exceed safe levels, and that employees can work in a more comfortable environment. They’re suitable for all manner of buildings, from chemical treatment facilities to offshore rigs.

Acoustic Barriers

Acoustic barriers are an effective solution for the reduction environmental noise pollution. They can solve a wide range of noise-related issues across many applications, by helping to keep noise either in or out of the facility. Our barriers come from high quality manufacturers including IAC.