One of the most innovative and exciting products that Husht offers, the Gencork ‘Corkllection’ combines the natural acoustic properties of cork with high tech construction processes and beautiful design. The result is a range of covering solutions that provide an array of benefits to walls, furnishings and other interior elements.

Cork offers a number of qualities that make it an ideal construction material. It is an acoustic and thermal insulator, and also offers anti vibration properties. Gencork processes result in a 100% natural end product, with 95% energy self sufficiency. This achieved by using biomass obtained in the milling process to create steam, which allows natural resins to agglomerate the cork pellets into blocks and panels, which can be easily sculpted into almost any shape or design.

Generative design is at the core of Gencork’s aesthetic character. Inspired by natural beauty, and the algorithmic patterns found within it, Gencork coverings are digitally rendered and then fabricated to produce stunning and dynamic designs.

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