Office Acoustics

Productivity is key for all businesses, and one of the leading factors that can negatively affect this is a noisy and distracting working environment in which concentration is difficult and speech intelligibility compromised. Office spaces can very easily be some of the noisiest we encounter in the working day, particularly in call centres and open plan rooms, which means that steps to making the environment more comfortable can significantly improve productivity and employee satisfaction.

A variety of solutions are available to reduce office noise, ranging from direct-fit panels on existing suspended ceilings, to fully custom options for spaces undergoing full interior fit-outs. Here at Husht, we’ll discuss your requirements in detail and install a solution that works.

Aesthetics are always a priority for our installs, which is why solutions are available to both match and enhance the existing office   Panels are available in any colour, and we can also custom print designs with graphics and branding to really bring a space to life.

Here at Husht we’re able to cater to any and all office environments, ranging from open plan spaces to smaller rooms with special requirements. Take a look at our case studies to see how we’ve helped other businesses with their acoustic needs, from installing rafts in listed buildings, to hanging screens in modern offices.

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Acoustic Panels

Direct fix acoustic panels are an ideal choice for offices that require a quick and non intrusive install.

Suspended Rafts & Baffles

Suspended acoustic rafts are an attractive option with great acoustic properties, and many different configurations.

Custom Solutions

Here at Husht we’re able to design and install custom acoustic solutions either as part of a new interior fit-out, or to fit with existing décor.

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