SoundHush Ltd is a pioneer manufacturer of sound absorbing products providing acoustic panel solutions for areas where there is an echo and reverberation problem. With their solutions consisting of products for interior walls and ceilings.

With over 20 years of experience, SoundHush provides acoustic panels solutions for offices, schools, restaurants, hospitals, community halls, church halls and other open plan areas.

Their acoustic product range will enhance all interior environments whether traditional, modern, commercial, residential, new build or refurb. We will offer a truly cost effective solution. With a design a team focused on innovating to make sure they can offer innovative sound solutions in an ever evolving market place.


The Sound Hush Range

Shush Acoustic Pin Board

Shush Pearl

Shush Raft

Shush Screen

Shush Baffle

Shush Photo

Shush Rebound

Shush Sky

Shush Liner

Shush Pod

Shush Rondo Baffle

Shush Soften

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