School & University Acoustics

A noisy classroom or lecture hall can be significantly detrimental to the teacher or lecturer’s ability to communicate, and the students’ ability to listen. Studies show that poor classroom acoustics can affect behaviour, concentration, understanding of speech, attention, reading and the ability to spell. For those with learning difficulties, hearing difficulties or those learning languages, poor classroom acoustics can become especially problematic.

At Husht Acoustics, we understand the importance of acoustic solutions and noise control treatments in schools and universities. We work with the world’s leading manufacturers to provide education facilities with the best acoustic solutions.

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Acoustic Panels

Direct fix acoustic panels are an ideal choice for restaurants and cafes that require a quick and nonintrusive install.

Timber Acoustics

Timber acoustic solutions make for an extremely attractive and highly effective option.

Custom Solutions

Here at Husht we’re able to design and install custom acoustic solutions either as part of a new interior fit-out, or to fit with existing décor.

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