Acoustic Rafts & Baffles

Acoustic rafts and baffles are designed to deal with sound waves that reflect from the ceiling, and are ideal for installation below services such as air conditioning in spaces where a suspended ceiling is not used. At Husht, we’re pleased to be able to supply and fit acoustic rafts and baffles from a number of leading manufacturers, from Ecophon to Muffle. This means we can offer a huge range of shapes, sizes, colours and designs. Whatever you have in mind for your space, we’re sure to be able to install a solution that looks great and performs well acoustically.

Related Products

Autex Lattice

A master at controlling the echo and reducing reverberated noise whilst adding a unique piece to any space.


Lightweight acoustic baffle manufactured from high-density fiberglass with excellent sound absorption characteristics.

Shush Raft

Offers sound absorption performance not only from the face of the panel but also from the rear of the panel.

Solo Baffle

Ecophon Solo Baffle can be used to form distinct lines, used primarily when natural light is brought into the room.

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