Acoustic Panels & Tiles

Acoustic panels are an ideal solution for those looking for acoustic treatment for walls and ceilings. These panels and tiles come in a huge array of styles, from the minimalist to the eyecatching, all designed to help absorb sound waves; reducing reverberation and overall sound levels.

At Husht, we’re pleased to be able to supply and install acoustic panels and tiles from a number of leading manufacturers including Ecophon. This means we can offer a huge range of shapes, sizes, colours and designs. Whatever you have in mind for your space, we’re sure to be able to install a solution that looks great and performs well acoustically.

Related Products


The MuffleTimber brings beauty and class to any room or ceiling, with minimum space and effort required, creating the simplest of transformations.​

BAUX Panel

BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool Tiles contain two of the world’s oldest building materials, the combination is simple and ingenious. ​

Autex Quietspace

Lightweight and semi-rigid; these panels redefine sustainable design whilst reducing reverberated sound and controlling background noise.

Akusto One SQ Circle

Ecophon Akusto One Circle offers a simple, flexible way to reduce annoying echo and help absorb unwanted sound.​

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