To achieve the best results we must work with the leading acoustic product manufacturers.

By having such varied partners who can offer something unique in terms of acoustic performance and aesthetics enables us to meet the varied criteria of our clients whilst ensuring a suitable acoustic solution at a desired budget. All of our partners offer the highest quality materials backed up with equally high quality acoustic data.

Here are a handful of manufacturers that we enjoy working with very closely.



Saint-Gobain Ecophon develops, manufactures and markets acoustic  tiles, products and systems that contribute to a good working environment by enhancing peoples’ wellbeing and performance.

Autex Acoustics

Autex Acoustics Limited is a manufacturing and product development company specialising in textiles and advanced fibre technology.


SoundHush Ltd is a pioneer manufacturer of sound absorbing products providing acoustic panel solutions for areas where there is an echo and reverberation problem. With their solutions consisting of products for interior walls and ceilings.


Decoustics’ offer a range of custom ceiling and wall products includes: the Ceilencio© torsion spring ceiling system, Claro© custom acoustical coatings, Natural wood finished ceiling and wall options, LightFrame© translucent fabric system, and a wide range of wall panels for a variety of applications.


The extensive range of suspended BurgessCEP ceiling systems and acoustic solutions has been specifically developed to meet the needs of diverse and demanding sectors.

Stil Acoustics

Stil Acoustic products offer a stunning range of timber solutions which give sound control across a variety of interior environments with an emphasis on design.

Printed Acoustic Panels

Printed acoustic artwork is a fantastic way to control reverberation within a space in a manner that looks stylish and can fall in line with the current design/look of a space.


One of the innovative solutions offered by Husht, Gencork’s covering products combine low-tech materials with high-tech processes to utilize cork’s acoustic and thermal properties.


Designed for use in offices, lecture halls, atriums and more, the Lesco range features a number of innovative products that can be used in numerous applications, owing to the large range of designs, colours and mounting variations on offer.