Acoustic Plaster Newcastle

Husht Acoustics is a leading supplier and installer of acoustic plaster treatments in Newcastle. These treatments are applied to walls and ceilings of buildings to help reduce reverberations and absorb sound. It is more effective at sound reduction than traditional plaster while giving you the option of controlling aesthetics. 

There are three finishing options that we provide our clients: 

  • Fine texture
  • Ultra-smooth
  • Trowelled
  • Concrete
  • Antique plaster effect

No matter the type of finish you choose, you are assured of the same level of acoustic absorbency. Once applied, the results will help give the building a fresh appearance while improving the acoustic qualities of the space. The applications are highly flexible not just in terms of finishing. They can also be installed in different thicknesses and on both flat and curved surfaces. 

We deal in premium acoustic plaster materials that are resistant to moisture and mould growth. Even with natural light, the plaster will also be resistant to fading from UV exposure. Our products have been fire-tested for safety and are eco-friendly. The plaster is easy to clean, maintain, and repair. 

We are a fully accredited firm that undertakes the supply and installation of acoustic plaster applications to residential, commercial, and public properties across Newcastle. We offer a unique spray acoustic plaster solution that has proven more effective than traditional plaster. 

If you are interested in having acoustic plaster incorporated into your construction, our technicians are ready to help in making this a reality. Call us at 01924 763634/0203 538 8376/ 01456 495408 or email us at to arrange a consult. 

There are 3 main ways we can finish the plaster

Fine texture


Ultra smooth

We also offer special finishes such as Concrete and Antique Plaster Effect.

Husht Acoustics specialist team are here ready to assist with your projects needs.