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Acoustic rafts are an excellent solution for reducing reverberation and reflected sound waves within rooms. These horizontal sound absorption panels can be hung from non-suspended ceilings, making them ideal for use in commercial environments like office buildings, village halls, music studios, lecture theatres, and even sports halls. Virtually any indoor location in Manchester where you have many people assembled will benefit from this innovation.

At Husht, we specialise in the supply, fitting, and installation of acoustic rafts from a wide variety of reputable manufacturers. We carry a sizable stock from leading brands such as Ecophon and Muffle. We offer a bespoke service that includes helping clients work out what size, shape, colour, and design of acoustic rafts are best suited for their environment, and customising the order to perfectly fit the ceiling area.

Our selection of acoustic rafts can be installed below such services as air conditioning, helping to limit costs and allow for an easy installation process. As the rafts are visible, aesthetics does become a concern. Fortunately, the wide range of colours, shapes and designs of the acoustic rafts we offer means that we can provide a suitable complement to whatever interior design is featured in the space.

Our team will help you to identify the best choice of acoustic rafts, also based on the level of noise reduction you are seeking. We will custom-fit your order and carry out the installation so you do not have to.

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Acoustic rafts are sophisticated sound absorption panels installed on ceilings to reduce loud sounds and reverberation from activities within the internal environment. They are horizontal panels compatible with non-suspended ceilings only. When sound waves hit the acoustic rafts from the activities on the ground, the rafts reflect the sound waves away from the ceiling. That way, they don’t leave the room or building.

Husht Acoustics is a professional acoustic rafts installation service provider in London. We use acoustic raft technology from leading manufacturers like Muffle and Ecophon. You can choose whichever designs, colours, sizes, and shapes you want for your acoustic rafts, and we’ll be happy to supply them. The important thing is to choose acoustic rafts which fit and perform well with your ceiling space.

The most common places to use acoustic rafts are commercial environments where suspended ceilings don’t exist, such as public spaces and office buildings. You can count on our acoustic rafts to significantly reduce excessive noises from the commotion and activities within your environment. No matter which raft designs you choose, they will provide the noise reduction results you want.

Of course, you probably care about aesthetics as much as you do about noise reduction. Our wide selection of acoustic raft products can provide beauty and peace to your building. All acoustic rafts are custom fitted onto ceilings to ensure they absorb sound waves fully while offering the aesthetics you want for the environment.

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