Acoustic Wall Panels Manchester

Installing acoustic wall panels is an effective way to reduce reverberation, excessive noise, and improve sound quality in indoor spaces. There are many buildings in Manchester where the indoor areas are subject to a lot of noise, such as classrooms, lecture halls, warehouses, restaurants, music studios, offices, and even home cinemas.

Acoustic wall panels provide not just a way to improve audibility, but also aesthetics. Because the wall panels are available in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes, it is easy to find a choice that will be to the client’s tastes. Whether you prefer something bold or want to be minimalist, it is possible to create a functional aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye and the ear.

With acoustic panels, you can not only improve the sound quality within your indoor space but also reduce the impact of your activities on neighbours. This is crucial for any organisation that wants to maintain an amicable relationship with its community.

At Husht, we specialise in the supply, fitting and installation of acoustic wall panels from leading industry brands. We proudly hold accreditations from Ecophon Partnership in Contracting, Finishes & Interiors Sector, Constructionline H & S, and Contractor Health & Safety Assessment.

We offer a scalable service that allows us to accommodate orders for everything from entire complexes to single rooms. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in fitting and installing all types of acoustic treatment solutions.

To consult with one of our team on which acoustic wall panels are best suited to your premises, call us at 0203 538 8376 or email us at

Acoustic panels are the perfect addition to the walls of your indoor spaces. The primary function of acoustic wall panels is to absorb sound waves and reduce reverberation. However, a bonus to installing acoustic wall panels is to create more aesthetic appeal for your rooms. You can even choose from a wide selection of different designs, sizes, shapes, and colours. All you need is the right supplier to offer it to you.

Would you like your acoustic wall panels to have a simple or eye-catching design? Either way, you have come to the right place because Husht Acoustics can supply you with several different acoustic wall panels from top brand manufacturers, such as Ecophon. No matter which designs you choose, our inventory of acoustic wall panels will do an exemplary job of absorbing sound waves and reducing reverberation in your building.

Our acoustic wall panels are perfect for restaurants, factories, offices, houses, warehouses, and practically any environment with high sound production. After the acoustic wall panels get installed, your newly panelled room will experience noise reduction on the inside and outside. Then you can make your neighbours happy by preventing the sounds you make from impacting them.

Husht Acoustics is a highly accredited company and a leading supplier of acoustic wall panels in London. Some of our most proud accreditations include Ecophon Partnership in Contracting, Constructionline H&S, Finishes & Interiors Sector, and Contractor Health & Safety Assessment. These accreditations should prove our professionalism and level of commitment to customer satisfaction.

Call us at 0203 538 8376 or email us at to schedule an appointment for an acoustic wall panel installation or consultation. We serve all property owners in London.

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