Building Bulletin 93 (BB93) – Acoustic Design of Schools: Performance Standards

What is BB93?

BB93, Acoustic Design of Schools, is a standard that sets out minimum performance standards for the acoustics of school buildings and describes the normal means of demonstrating compliance with Building Regulations. It also provides guidance in support of the School Premises Regulations (2012) and the Independent School Standards (2013).

The general usage for this document is to ensure that the design of schools allows for optimal acoustic conditions to enable effective teaching and learning.

The document covers the following areas:

  • Accessible learning
  • Indoor noise levels
  • Airborne sound insulation
  • Impact sound insulation
  • Reverberation reduction and times across all spaces
  • Open plan teaching and learning

Who uses this standard?

  • Acoustic/Noise consultants
  • Architects/Design Engineers
  • Anyone who is involved in specification, design and construction of schools