In the beverage industry, certain critical aspects are absolutely crucial to a company’s success. The environment must be controlled to ensure high product quality throughout the production chain. Hygiene is of key importance along with the health and safety of the staff within the facility. An environment with good lighting, ventilation, air quality and acoustics can create a good working environment to maximise productivity.

The Problem

Working with the architect, acoustic manufacturer and the main contractor from an early stage we were all able to plan and design in a suitable acoustic system that could offer both high levels of absorption to reduce the noise from the tens of thousands of colliding aluminium cans on a daily basis and also comply with the facility’s hygiene and cleaning standards.

The Solution

As this is a large volume space the most suitable and effective solution was to install hygienic sound absorbing baffles in various parts of the facility to reduce the reverberation, sound pressure levels and  importantly to control the noise in various parts of the site.