Sound Proofing Bristol

Sound Proofing Bristol

Professional soundproofing is the key to stopping noises from transmitting through the walls, ceiling, and flooring of your indoor spaces. Sure, you can find over-the-counter soundproofing materials, but they are not as effective as a commercial-quality soundproofing installation from a renowned company like ours.

Husht Acoustics is the premier provider of high-quality soundproofing installation services for homes and businesses in Bristol and nearby locations. We have a team of dedicated noise reduction specialists with extensive experience installing soundproofing materials on the ceilings, floors, and walls of indoor spaces. That way, you won’t disturb nearby neighbours and pedestrians with the noises generated in your indoor space, and they won’t disturb you with their noises either.

Soundproofing is essential for music recording studios, restaurants, social environments, manufacturing environments, or any other location where noise is generated inside or outside your building. We will install premium-quality acoustic barriers and insulation on the parts of your indoor spaces where sounds transmit the most, whether your ceilings, flooring, walls, or all three.


What kind of soundproofing do you need for your home or business in Bristol? Here are the three categories of soundproofing solutions that we offer to our customers:

  • Acoustic rafts and baffles
  • Acoustic wall panels
  • Acoustic floating floors


The acoustic rafts and baffles are installed on ceilings. For instance, if you live in an apartment or flat with neighbours living on the floor directly above yours, you can reduce the sounds transmitting between the two flats by installing acoustic rafts and baffles on the ceilings. And if you have neighbours living underneath your flat, you’ll need to install acoustic floating floors to prevent sound transmissions through the floor.

Acoustic wall panels are popular for any residential or commercial building in a busy area or near heavy traffic. Not only will the wall panels prevent the outside noises from disturbing the workers or residents indoors, but they will also prevent the indoor-generated noises from disturbing the people outside too.


Why Husht Acoustics?

Husht Acoustics is the most trusted and experienced soundproofing solutions provider in Bristol. Our customers can benefit from our services in the following ways:


1) Establish a More Peaceful Environment

Sound can be a distraction and annoyance to residents, workers, neighbours, and pedestrians. Whether you own a restaurant, retail business, industrial facility, or home, you will want to create a more peaceful environment for yourself and everyone in and around your property. Installing soundproofing materials to reduce sound transmissions is the best way to achieve this goal.


2) Enhance the Appearance of Your Indoor Spaces

Soundproofing materials have a secondary benefit of improving the beauty of almost any indoor space where they are installed. We can shape and design an acoustic barrier to fit any wall, ceiling, or floor in your space. After the installation, you will have a more attractive-looking indoor environment to appeal to your guests or customers.


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