Sound Proofing Glasgow

Sound Proofing Glasgow

Soundproofing is critical for preventing sound transmissions from entering and leaving an indoor space. It requires installing acoustic barriers and sound-resistant insulation on the ceilings, flooring, and walls to significantly reduce and prevent sound transmissions as they attempt to pass through these areas.

For example, you may want to create a music recording studio in your home or building, which means you must block outside noises from entering as you record. Likewise, you would also want to prevent your music from disturbing your neighbours in the same building or other buildings on the same street. Either way, soundproofing is the best way to achieve this agenda.

Husht Acoustics is Glasgow’s leading provider of professional and efficient soundproofing installation services. Our customers request our soundproofing services because they have a noisy environment with frequent socialising, music recording, industrial manufacturing, and other noise-generating activities. In some cases, they merely want to create a peaceful environment by blocking outside sounds from getting inside.

Regardless of your reason for needing to soundproof your home or building in Glasgow, we have the best soundproofing solutions to complete the job. Here are our most in-demand soundproofing materials and acoustic barriers:

  • Acoustic floating floors to soundproof the flooring of a room
  • Acoustic wall panels to soundproof the walls of a room
  • Acoustic rafts and baffles to soundproof the ceilings of a room


Not all indoor environments require all three categories of soundproofing. It all depends on the direction of where your neighbours and other noisy environments exist. For instance, if you live in a second-storey flat, you would need acoustic floating floors to prevent sounds from disturbing the people below you. But if you have neighbours through the walls and above your ceilings, you would also need acoustic wall panels, rafts, and baffles.


Why Choose Our Soundproofing Services

Husht Acoustics is one of the most trusted soundproofing installers in Glasgow. Our soundproofing solutions can offer the following benefits to your home or business:


1) Enhanced Work Productivity

Noise distractions are a significant reason for reduced productivity at home and in the workplace. Adding our acoustic barriers to your floors, ceilings, or walls can significantly reduce or eliminate those noise distractions to increase work productivity.


2) Create a Peaceful and Professional Environment

Any peaceful and professional business environment would not have outside noises causing distractions for the people who enter your home or building, whether friends, family, customers, investors, or employees. Soundproofing ensures your indoor environment stays professional by preventing most outside sound disturbances from entering. 


3) Improve the Aesthetics

Did you know soundproofing materials can also improve the aesthetics of an indoor environment? Our acoustic barriers have unique designs and shapes to add more aesthetic appeal to the environment. Meanwhile, they will do their job in reducing and eliminating noise to and from the environment.


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