Sound Proofing Manchester

Sound Proofing Manchester

Do you have an indoor space where noise is generated regularly? If so, soundproofing may be necessary if extensive noise-producing activities are performed in the room frequently.

Husht Acoustics is one of the leading providers of soundproofing solutions in Manchester. We offer the most advanced and innovative soundproofing solutions which comply with local and national laws. Since you have a legal obligation to reduce the noise on your property, you need the best solutions to control your indoor noise.

Here are the innovative soundproofing solutions we can offer you:

  • Acoustic Wall Panels & Ceiling Tiles
  • Acoustic Rafts & Baffles
  • Spray Acoustic Plaster
  • Stretched Fabric Systems
  • Acoustic Floating Floors
  • Acoustic Printed Panels
  • Acoustic Timber

Our acoustic specialists will begin with a noise assessment of the room or space you wish to soundproof. During the evaluation, we’ll assess the size and shape of your room and the amount of sound energy that needs to be absorbed. That way, we can determine which absorbent materials must go on your ceilings, floorings, and walls.

Husht Acoustics frequently serves architects, contractors, building developers, homeowners, and business owners who need to control the sound transmission in and out of their rooms. Our team offers a free consultation and noise assessment to ensure you are comfortable with the custom-fitted solution ideas we have for soundproofing your indoor spaces.

Request a Free Noise Assessment

Do you have a noise problem in a space at your home or business in Manchester? Call Husht Acoustics to schedule a free noise assessment at 0203 538 8376 or email us at

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