76 Dental is a private and NHS dentist located in Water Orton, Birmingham, which provides the full range of dental care to patients. Offering a friendly and relaxed atmosphere to patients is of paramount importance to 76 Dental, which is why they requested Husht conduct acoustic treatment in the recently refurbished reception and waiting area.

The Problem

Following the building’s refurbishment, it became apparent that there were a variety of acoustic issues in the reception and waiting area. Firstly, receptionists at the welcome desk often found that reverberation meant that they had trouble being able to hear clearly while on the phone or when talking to patients. Similarly, in the waiting area, reverberation meant that the space was not as relaxing as it should have been. Finally, privacy and confidentiality is important in any medical setting – the staff had concerns about sound being transmitted easily between the reception and clinic rooms.

The Solution

The Husht solution involved installing a combination of SoundHush rafts and panels strategically around the space to reduce reverberation and reduce the sound transmission between rooms. We selected circular SoundHush rafts for installation above the waiting area and the reception desk, which are designed to absorb sound before it is able to reflect off the  ceilings. We then used rectangular SoundHush panels on the walls between the waiting area and clinics, which are designed to absorb sound rather than allowing it to transmit easily from room to room. Aesthetics are always a priority for us –  each panel colour was chosen to match the existing green, purple and grey scheme used by 76 Dental.


We’re very pleased to have seen excellent results on this project. The 76 Dental waiting room looks fantastic, and the acoustic rafts and panels complement the existing design of the refurbishment. Most importantly, staff are now able to hear both patients and each other clearly, and sound is better contained to the waiting area.

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