This company is a global biopharmaceutical business specialising in the discovery, development and manufacturing of prescription medicines and they take the health and wellbeing of their staff extremely seriously. This was a high care environment where the need for low noise levels was of paramount importance to allow the engineers to focus on a variety of important tasks and duties.

The Problem

Due to the nature of this business the facility is made of mostly hard surfaces such as stainless steel and plasterboard. These hard surfaces create an extremely reverberant and noisy environment.

The Solution

By adding acoustic materials that conform to the stringent cleaning regimes, in this case Ecophon Labotec were designed and installed in and around the existing services.

The Outcome

By adding this hygienic absorbent material, this helped reduce the reverberation as calculated and in turn reduced the overall decibel level by approximately 8dB as an average. This created a more comfortable and safer working environment where it is now much easier to communicate with one another and identify a variety of machine noise.




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