We Are Golden is a Leeds-based design agency, working with major global brands including Nike, PlayStation and Google. Their city centre offices in a desirable area of Leeds recently underwent refurbishment and Husht were called in to improve the aesthetics for this modern, communications-focused space.

The Problem

The recent renovations at the We Are Golden offices were designed primarily with aesthetics in mind. The meeting room interiors made use of attractive polished concrete, following an industrial design trend, complete with black painted ceilings and glass partitions.

Polished concrete floors, along with other hard and flat surfaces, are unfortunately very effective at reflecting sound, which causes strong reverberation effects. This meant that the board room in particular suffered from very low quality acoustics, which were very apparent during international conference calls. Speech clarity was poor and participants had trouble communicating.

Our Solution

In order to blend our acoustic solution with the space’s existing design, as per the client’s requirements, we installed a series of MuffleRafts in black. These suspended acoustic rafts absorb sound waves before they’re able to reach the ceiling, cutting down on reverberation and sound pressure. Suspended rafts are generally a good choice for ceilings which already contain services such as air conditioning, as the wire hangers require only a small amount of space.

The Results

As can be seen from the images, our install blends very well with the existing interior, which is exactly what the client was hoping to achieve. In addition, the MuffleRafts have cut down on reverberation, increasing speech clarity in the boardroom. This means that conference calls and in-person discussions are now much improved.