One of the world’s leading construction businesses, Interserve operates all over the world and employs thousands of members of staff. In 2017, it created a new headquarters, designed to be a state of the art space for offices, meeting rooms and more. Husht was one of the subcontractors brought in to work on the impressive atrium space at the building’s front and centre.

The Problem

Atriums are large, open spaces, which can mean that they encourage reverberation and echo. The sound of people coming into the building, meeting with others, and passing through could all potentially have caused the space to be particularly noisy.  The Interserve HQ atrium however was designed to take this into account, and was therefore designed with acoustic materials throughout.

Our Solution

Timber acoustic installations offer a stylish, modern aesthetic along with excellent acoustic properties, which is why one was chosen for the staircase balustrades. The Husht team installed the full timber solution throughout the atrium, which can be seen encircling the space, on the stairs and walkways.

The Results

As can be seen from the images, the Interserve HQ atrium is a hugely impressive space, which boasts an attractive but functional set of staircases. Through effective use of acoustic products, the atrium is an ideal welcoming and meeting space.