Are you an architect or interior designer looking to create an acoustic-friendly space in your new or existing building? If so, consider the best ways to soundproof one or more rooms to make them acoustic-friendly spaces. These could be spaces for work, creativity, music, and anything else productive.

Below are the top four tips for architects and interior designers wishing to create acoustic-friendly spaces.

1) Add Acoustic Wall Panels

Think about adding acoustic wall panelling to the rooms you want to soundproof. Acoustic wall panelling is made from an obstructive material that can effectively block sound transmissions attempting to pass through vertical walls.

Vertical walls are the most common barrier between various rooms of a home or building. So, if you build or upgrade a room to include acoustic wall panels, it will do a great job of absorbing sounds attempting to come into and out of the room.

2) Acoustic Rafts and Baffles

Acoustic rafts and baffles can block sound transmissions from coming through the ceilings of rooms. They assist the acoustic wall panels by blocking noises attempting to escape through the ceiling or come inside through the ceiling.

You may not think protecting the ceiling is necessary for soundproofing, but it may be needed if a second-storey or upper-level floor is above the room. Architects and interior designers should install acoustic rafts and baffles on the ceiling if another floor or HVAC system exists above the room. That way, it will prevent noises from above the ceiling from entering the room and vice versa.

3) Acoustic Floating Floors

Lastly, soundproofing the flooring of a room is critical if it is on an upper-level floor above another room.

For instance, if an architect plans to design an apartment building or large office building, it is imperative to install acoustic floating floors because they will help prevent sound transmissions through the flooring and into the rooms below.

And, of course, the acoustic floating floors will help prevent sound transmission below the room from passing through the flooring.

Get Professional Assistance

Acoustic control may not be your specialty, and that is okay. Whether you are an architect or interior designer, you will need the help of an acoustics control specialist if you want to soundproof any room in your existing or planned building.

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