Sound proofing is how you keep outside noises from entering a room and inside noises from leaving a room. There are several different methods of sound proofing rooms, but they all seem to rely on specific materials to do the job right. These materials get applied to the most critical areas where sound passes through, such as walls, flooring, and ceilings.

So which materials are best for sound proofing your room? Let’s examine the top materials below:


Timber is an old-fashioned sound proofing material used for hundreds of years. It is not outdated because acoustic timber is still highly effective at reducing sound transmissions in walls and ceilings. Not only that, but it looks very attractive too.


Fiberglass is another effective sound proofing material that can trap sound waves and temperatures before they enter or escape a room. The most common acoustic solutions made of fiberglass are baffles and rafts.


Acoustic wall panels are often made of foam because it does an excellent job of absorbing echoes and sounds inside a room. That is why private music studios love to use foam-based acoustic wall panels.


Spray plaster is an excellent soundproofing material and is easy to apply to diverse surfaces.

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