Alliance Homes is a community based social housing provider operating in the West of England. They currently own and manage around 6,500 homes and employ 500 staff, have an annual turnover of £43 million and work in partnership with local, regional and national agencies.

The Problem

Alliance Homes’ main office recently underwent a full refurbishment. The brief was to create a progressive, creative and agile workspace, and with that in mind, workplace designers Interaction created a beautiful concept that aimed to reflect Alliance Homes’ brand.  As part of this, acoustic solutions were needed to ensure that this brand new office design was functional in terms of sound, as well as looking great. Husht were brought in to install these.

Our Solution

There were two main elements to the acoustic solution on this project. The first were ceiling-suspended baffles. These curved fabric baffles help to absorb sound from those below. They’re a great alternative to traditional suspended ceilings often mounted in offices, and can be suspended even from ceilings that feature lots of services such as HVAC, as this one does. The second solution was stretched fabric. By installing profiles around recesses in the ceiling, we were able to create attractive black ceiling coverings that are effective at absorbing sound.

The Results

The Alliance Homes office is now a modern, agile and attractive space, and we’re very pleased that Husht’s contribution has ensured that employees can work and meet in a space that’s acoustically comfortable.