A leading further education college in the West Midlands, North Shropshire College boasts two campuses in the area, and it was at the Walford campus that Husht Acoustics was called in for acoustic work. This location recently enjoyed more than £10m investment.

The Problem

We often find that restaurants and cafés are naturally noisy places, and the refectory at the Walford campus was no different. As part of the refurbishment, acoustic consideration was made a priority.

Our Solution

Working with main contractor Bow Construction, and architects Hewitt Studios, Husht installed timber panelling on the ceiling. Timber acoustic installations offer a stylish, modern aesthetic along with excellent acoustic properties. In this case, the Stil Acoustics timber solution installed on the refectory’s pitched roof absorbs sounds from those below, and looks great too.

The Results

The refectory now has a clean, modern appearance, and does a good job of controlling the noise within the space without outwardly looking as though any acoustic treatment has taken place. Blending acoustics and aesthetics is one of Husht’s specialisms.