Established in 2010, China Mobile International opened their first UK data centre in early December 2019 under the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative, which provides connectivity and enables closer ties between Asia and Europe. 

Being a telecommunications company, great communication is incredibly important to work effectively and productively. Acoustics are a huge contributor to this, as without proper acoustic treatment, high reverberation and echoes disparage conversations and important meetings.  

The Problem

purpose-built building, China Mobile International requirea full office fit-out to ensure it is ready for the everyday business of its busy team. Sound clarity and high reverberation are typical issues with new structures and requires acoustic treatment to create a comfortable working space.  

The new China Mobile International office features a ground floor office and mezzanine, where effective acoustic treatment is needed. With additional break out areas and benches, we can expect the mezzanine to be a busy area for conversation and collaboration. 

Our Solution

To combat the high reverberation and ensure that this purpose-built space is ready for the busy CMI team, we installed Ecophon Solo Rafts across the breadth of the room. This solution is perfect as it offers Class A sound absorption and high coverage to the mezzanine area; therefore, successfully lowering the reverberation time and creating a comfortable space for collaboration.  

CMI chose to integrate lights between the rafts to create a solution that seamlessly blends in with the existing ceiling and modern aesthetic of the data centre 

The Result

A comfortable, modern office ready for a busy team to occupy 


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