The Problem

Sports Halls are amongst some of the spaces worst affected by high reverberation – this is due to an abundance of hard surfaces and minimal soft furnishings. Meopham Table Tennis Club is no exception, with the very equipment used to play the game being a contributor to a high reverberation time, it can be difficult to find a solution. 
Good acoustic treatment is also an essential component in these environments as being able to hear one another is imperative for preventing accidents and injury. 

Our Solution

To lower the reverberation time and create a space where people of all ages can enjoy playing table tennis, we used 13 MuffleWall panelsArranged strategically on the walls, these panels are 40mm thick, meaning they are a Class A sound absorber and are perfect for areas suffering from reverberation and echo.

With over 60 colours available, Meopham Table Tennis Club chose a complementary green colour for their MuffleWall panels, perfect for matching the green of traditional table tennis tables and their existing wall colour! 

The Result

A place where everyone can enjoy playing table tennis comfortably! 

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