Founded in 2016, Knotel are the world’s leading flexible workspace provider who match, tailor, and manage space for their customers – including AppsFlyerAppsflyer moved into their new London headquarters in London following an extensive design process by Knotel to ensure that all needs were met, and a functional space delivered. 

The Problem

Although beautifully designed to meet Appsflyer’s requirements by Knotel, unfortunately, during video calls and other general meetings, AppsFlyer noticed high reverberation in four of their meeting rooms 

Like many modern offices, an industrial design was chosen to remain on trend, with glass partitions and exposed ceilings used, however, these elements can cause high reverberation and create a ‘fishbowl’ effect which makes conversations difficult and meetings disruptive.   

Our Solution

In order to counteract this high reverberation time and lower it to a more comfortable level, we installed 20 Ecophon Solo Akutex Rafts to the ceiling of the meeting rooms. The Akutex FT surface of the rafts combined with a glass wool core provides optimal sound absorption and a perfect solution to high reverberation.  

The Result

Meeting rooms where Knotel’s amazing design can be utilised, and meetings can take place with no fishbowl effect.  


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