Acoustic timber absorbs sound waves with timber-based solutions, such as timber rafts and baffles. Musicians have used acoustic timber for hundreds of years to control and amplify sound transmission inside their private rooms and studios. Even though other acoustic noise control solutions exist, acoustic timber has not gone out of style.

In addition to the effectiveness of acoustic timber, it also adds beautiful aesthetics to any indoor environment. Since timber is a natural material, it can add a sense of nature to all settings. So whether you want to control noises in a home or private music studio, acoustic timber is an excellent reverberation management solution.

You can find acoustic timber treatments in residential, industrial, commercial, educational, and government settings. Some examples include hotels, houses, cafés, apartments, restaurants, office spaces, movie theatres, and more. In addition, you can request to customise your acoustic treatment solutions to accommodate any colour finish, shape, or size you prefer.

Husht Acoustics aims to please our customers and cater to their acoustic preferences and requirements. That is why we are one of the top acoustic timber suppliers in the United Kingdom. Acoustic timber offers a fun and aesthetically pleasing way to manage reverberation, sound vibrations, and transmissions. You’ll also love how much they can amplify the sounds generated inside the same room.

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