Bubble Design have experienced significant growth of staff members and demand therefore a new, larger office was needed!  


The Problem

Bubble Design offer numerous services including marketing and website design and maintenance, so team members are often answering a lot of phone calls throughout the day. These conversations need to be met with confidentiality so good sound quality and sound absorption is essential. Bubble also required that their heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) system be taken into account when deciding on the products used.  

The new office also features some beautiful glass partitions; however, these are typically the weak spot of a room and can make it difficult to fix standard acoustic wall panels 


Our Solution

A light and crisp design was used to not take away the attention from the bright, bold coloured walls of the Bubble Design office. MuffleRafts were installed in subtle grey and green colours over a breakout area in the new office, which give team members valuable time away from their desk. MuffleRafts offer Class A absorption, which then reduces the reverberation time to improve speech clarity.  

The main part of the office refurbishment process that Husht Acoustics were brought into complete is the installation of Ecophon Advantage ceiling tiles to the suspended grid system. These tiles were chosen as they offer a crisp white colour and Class A absorption, meaning that we could continue to improve the sound quality of the space without obstructing the other design features.  


The Result

A comfortable new office space with added privacy between offices and most importantly, amazing sound quality for the numerous phone calls taken by the Bubble team on a daily basis.  

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