Designed in 1853 by Sir Charles James Freake, the beautiful and breath-taking Cromwell Galleries located in South Kensington was undergoing a £20 million refurbishment of the five Grade II listed terraced buildings, as well as the construction of a new pavilion to link the buildings together.

The Problem

Galleries often have little to no furniture or soft furnishings meaning that there are lots of hard surfaces for sound to reflect off, causing high reverberation. Galleries are often the location of many school trips therefore hard surfaces combined with loud groups of people can make for an unpleasant gallery experience.


Our Solution

In order to keep the crisp, clean aesthetic of the historic listed building, Stil Acoustics Nanonperforated Timber Panels were chosen for installation along the ceiling of the new pavilion. These panels are virtually seamless while offering Class C absorption.

The Result

The use of these timber panels is in keeping with the modern style of the gallery and ensured that the pavilion doesn’t suffer from any echo which could disturb its various visitors.

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