Newly completed, the beautiful Hush Heath Winery tasting room ‘The View’ allows visitors to sample wine made on the very grounds they are sitting in. Originally bought in 1986, the Hush Heath estate has undergone various refurbishments to become what it is today – including purchasing the adjoining vineyard and planting their first tree in 2002.  

The Problem

Although beautifully designed by Design Quarter architectsHush Heath Winery found that there was significant sound transfer through the air between the ground floor tasting room and the mezzanine area, which would disturb visitors and affect their overall experience at the winery. Researchers have found that acoustics and background noise can affect the way we experience what we eat and drink, and in some cases how the food tastes!  


Our Solution

Following a sound assessment, we found that 40m2 of Class A rafts were needed to reduce the sound transfer through air between the two areas. 40 Ecophon Solo Rafts were chosen to combat this and allow visitors to have an enjoyable experience. White rafts were used to not obstruct from any of the interior design features by offering an acoustic solution which blends perfectly into the ceiling. 


The Result

Reduced sound transfer between the two floors of The View tasting room without compromising on the clean and inviting aesthetic used by Design Quarter.  

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