Housed in a beautifully unique purpose-built building with plenty of open space and windows, Coquet Vets ensure that visiting the vets is as calm as possible, even going as far as having separate meeting areas for cats and dogs.

The Problem

Despite the building being purpose-built, it was failed to be taken into consideration the echo caused by the high ceiling and hard surfaces. It quickly became apparent that this echo can cause distress as one dog bark can travel through the reception and affect all the pets waiting there; subsequently making it difficult for the receptionist to hear phone calls.

Our Solution

After receiving the dimensions of the reception space and performing an initial assessment, we advised Coquet Vets that in order to effectively treat the echo, Muffle Circle Rafts would be the most appropriate and effective way of reducing the echo in the space.

The Result

Coquet Vets provided us with excellent feedback stating that they no longer experienced an echo in the reception meaning the dogs were much happier and stress free.

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