Primary schools are often very loud and noisy environments due to the mix of children; this combined with the 20 metre high ceilings of Kelbourne Park Primary School made hearing clearly difficult.

Situated just north of the centre of Glasgow and built in 1914, opening just weeks after the start of World War I, Kelbourne Park School now has 55 pupils who each have unique requirements in order for them to learn in the best way possible, so it is essential that communication is clear and teachers are easy to understand.

The Problem

High noise levels due to busy classrooms and very high ceilings causing high reverberation, which could be very stressful for pupils and staff alike.

Our Solution

Following a sound assessment, we found that the best products to reduce the reverberation and overall improve the sound clarity of the space were Ecophon Akusto One Circular panels, Akusto Wall A and Master A ceiling tiles. Chosen in a combination of white and statement greens, these panels perfectly compliment the fun d├ęcor of the primary school classroom.

The Result

The combination of all these products carefully placed throughout the classroom effectively improved the sound clarity by reducing the reverberation caused by the high ceiling.

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