Founded in 1924, Rustins are a renowned wood finish, specialty paint and household cleaner manufacturer based in London. They are known for being the first manufacturer of Danish Oil, which remains a popular product to this day.  

The Problem

Rustins were suffering from high reverberation in a very large meeting room – this problem affected presentations and conference calls, making it difficult for meeting attendees to understand and hear the speaker, rendering the space unusable.  

Our Solution

We determined that 48 Ecophon Solo Rafts were the perfect solution to reduce the reverberation time and transform the meeting room into a space which can be used by team members. Square rafts were used as they blend perfectly into the industrial aesthetic of the space while providing excellent sound absorption.  

Ecophon Solo Rafts are a Class A sound absorber so are a smart choice when choosing acoustic treatment as they consider the interaction between people in the room by increasing the sound and improving the speech clarity. These characteristics contribute to creating a space with good acoustic comfort. 

The Result

functional space where everyone is well heard! 

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