Founded in 2016, KT Law are specialists in construction and engineering law and have worked with a range of clients from airports, councils to schools and even banks. The new KT Law office had some existing soundproofing and acoustic treatment in place, but it required improvement to be considered suitable for the team members to work in. 

The Problem

Being a law firm, we can assume that many private and confidential conversations take place in the offices, therefore privacy is an important consideration when choosing the perfect acoustic treatment. The KT offices also have a pitched ceiling which caused high reverberation, making conversations difficult.  

Our Solution

A wide variety of acoustic products were chosen to ensure privacy and a lower reverberation time while ensuring the office kept a professional aesthetic for client visits. A ‘hidden in plain sight’ acoustics solution was used to fulfil all requirements set by KT Law.  

For this project, we installed 64 MuffleStick panels to the ceiling; white was used to match the ceiling colour and contribute to the hidden acoustics appearance. These panels are a Class B absorber and are self-adhesive which makes installation quicker and easier, meaning you can have effective acoustic treatment in minutes.  

In addition to the MuffleStick panels, we installed Ecophon Solo Circular Rafts. These blend in with the existing lighting fixtures beautifully and offer Class A absorption – the highest absorption class there is!  

MuffleScreens were also installed to extend the privacy element throughout the office by surrounding desks; this also allowteam members space to pin up valuable information where they see fit.  

Our favourite product to be installed in the KT Law offices is 6 wonderful Akuart panels. Akuart produce Class A acoustic panels which are designed to be futureproof, with hundreds of removable cover designs to choose from, KT Law selected to bring nature indoors with landscape imagery. These panels fulfil the requirement that the acoustic treatment must be hidden in plain sight while providing excellent sound absorption.  

The Result

A combination of all these products resulted in a modern office with privacy in mind. Conversations remain private with the right choice of acoustic treatment used ensuring excellent sound absorption and a reduced reverberation time. 

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