Previously a restaurant, St George’s Church Hall underwent a £1.5 million refurbishment to transform it into a functional space, suitable for the whole community to gather. This new centre will be used for toddler groups, a range of community courses, and other activities that link to the Church’s work in the community, and so it is important that attendees are able to hear one another clearly. 

The Problem

Although the Church is carpeted throughout, all other surfaces are either plaster, glass or painted timber. Lots of uncovered hard surfaces can cause reverberation as it allows for sound to reflect, which can make it difficult to hear one another clearly and for audio visual equipment to function properly. Suffering from a reverberation time of 2.6 seconds at 250Hz, Husht were brought in to rectify this and lower the reverberation time to something more suitable for the Church space. 

Our Solution

We installed Ecophon Focus A and Akusto One to the ceiling of the hall; both these products offer excellent Class A sound absorption which effectively reduce the reverberation time and create a space which is comfortable for all attendees.  

The Result

A reverberation time of 0.6 seconds at 250Hz by installing effective treatment!  

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