The Clink Restaurant at HMP High Down is a stylish, 92-cover restaurant in Surrey, serving contemporary British cuisine. It is unique because it was the first restaurant in the UK to be built within the secure walls of a prison.

The Problem

It was clear that the restaurant’s acoustics needed work to enhance the diners’ experience as the space could become extremely loud (upto 85dB) when guest conversation combined with the noise from the open-plan kitchen. This level of noise can be stressful and ultimately ruin a diner’s experience.

The Solution

Working with leading acoustic consultant Alex Krasnic we devised various ‘raised voice’ and ‘normal voice’ scenarios to determine how quickly the sound disappeared from the room, known as reverberation time testing. Following these tests we were able to calculate and design a discreet installation method using a direct fix class A sound absorbing material.

The Outcome

A 3dBA noise reduction was achieved, equalling a 50% reduction in frequency specific reverberation times. This meant the restaurant was a much more comfortable environment for the restaurant’s diners.